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Generatepress Theme Review 2024:Better Theme Than Others?

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By Kermit Vaughn

Looking for GeneratePress Review?

I have been using  Generatepress premium theme for almost 5 years now. You don’t have to take my word for it! The here is as full proof:

GeneratePress is a very simple them to use. Its lightning-fast speed and amazing performance features have the potential to revolutionize the way you build websites.

Tom Usborne, a WordPress developer from Canada, is the one responsible for creating this free theme. GeneratePress has a wide range of applications and may be used for many different kinds of projects.

You may modify it to fit virtually any kind of specialized field or market niche.

The fundamental theme can be used without paying anything at all. the pro version known as GeneratePress Premium is also available.

The premium version is essentially a plugin that you can activate in addition to a free theme that you have downloaded. The plugin offers supplemental functions as well as more personalization choices.

Having a bad them on your site can actually be detrimental because According to the findings of a survey, forty percent of visitors have left a website in search of a better experience on the websites of competitors due to the poor mobile responsiveness of the original website.

Users will become disenchanted and abandon your website if it is not optimized for mobile use. So having a bad them will eventually discourage your visitors and the search engine as well. A well optimized theme has to have the following features which is know to GeneratePress.

  1. SEO Optimized
  2. Lightweight
  3. Mobile – responsive
  4. Lighting Speed

What Is GeneratePress ?

GeneratePress premium coupon code

GeneratePress is a popular freemium WordPress theme that has a primary emphasis on both quick loading times and user friendliness.

The user can choose between a free and a paid plugin that adds additional customization possibilities while building a website with GeneratePress.

Over 2.7 million people have downloaded this WordPress theme, and it currently has 300,000 active installations.

The numbers make it quite evident that pursuing this topic is an extraordinary option for anyone interested in doing so.

Additionally, it has over a thousand ratings of five stars, which indicates that the creator of the GP theme, Tom Usborne, is continuously trying to improve and make it better than it was in the past.

This WordPress theme is popular because it is encrypted, has a quick loading time, is friendly to search engine optimization (SEO), is friendly to mobile devices, and is secure.

Are you trying to decide between the GeneratePress Free and GeneratePress Premium versions to find the best fit for your needs?

Don’t get too excited just yet; you’ll soon have the opportunity to choose the alternative that best meets your requirements.

Why GeneratePress Premium theme is the perfect fit?

The theme by itself is highly compatible and will function correctly with all of the major page builders. Backward compatibility indicates that an update should not harm your website, and the theme is really quick, in addition to being fully responsive, clean, and basic.

It is incredibly lightweight while yet being very quick. We are aware that Google’s ranking of our websites will continue to be influenced by this particular factor in the foreseeable future.

But the speed of execution isn’t the only thing that matters; it’s also how quickly you can get things done, streamlining your workflow without the need for heavy plugins and eliminating the anxiety associated with keeping your websites up to date.

It is the best mobile-friendly theme and you can optimize it as per your needs. Fully customizable theme.

The theme size is less than 50Kb, by this, you can understand how lightweight and powerful this theme is.

GeneratePress Premium vs Free

Although the free edition of GeneratePress provides you with the tools to construct, it does so with certain restrictions – the most significant of which are those imposed by the user!

If you do not possess the abilities or skills to add CSS and hunt for the appropriate plugins, then it is in your best interest to shell out the minimal additional amount for the upgrade.

Detailed Guide:- GeneratePress Free VS Premium Version

Features of Generatepress Free Version 

Generatepress free version allows basic customization of your website. Here are some major features included in GeneratePress Free version –

  • Light Weight The free version of the Generatepress is much less than 1 megabyte, which indicates that the time it takes for your website to load will be quite low, and it will provide you with improved page load time..
  • Mobile Responsive across all devices–This theme’s free version is totally responsive even on mobile devices. built on the Flexbox Grid and fully inline with Google’s mobile-first feature.
  • font and Typography editing – The free theme comes with more than one hundred different free font families and a variety of typographic options.
  • 14 Pro modules – You will have better control over the customization of your website if you use these 14 professional modules.
  • Reset and click Option In the event that you mess up the theme in any way, you may easily undo all of your changes with just one click.
  • Custom CSS –You can make changes to any aspect of this theme by using the custom CSS option, provided that you have some experience with programming.
  • Documentation –  If you are just starting out and don’t know a lot about how to customize WordPress or have much experience with it, then it provides documentation that goes over practically everything that a novice could require.
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To tell you the truth, it has an insanely wide range of customization options and follows a really logical structure.

It is wonderful to be able to utilize a theme without feeling as though you require a handbook; yet, documentation may be accessed directly from the editor if it is required.

GeneratePress Premium Features.

You can choose for the premium edition of it in order to take the level of customization you have available to the next level plus unlock some fantastic features.

Therefore, even if you have no experience with coding at all, you can still make your website seem exactly how you want it to.

You have a great deal of latitude in terms of making adjustments.

The premium edition of GeneratePress is essentially a plugin known as GP Premium.

Later on in this piece, I’ll demonstrate how to unlock premium features and show you how to use the plugin.

The following is a list of some of the most important extras that are included with GP Premium and are helpful for websites catering to specific niches:

  • Site library –The premium version includes sites that have been built by professionals and are ready to be installed and used immediately. You will have access to more than thirty-three demo websites, each one of which may be imported into your own website with with a few mouse clicks.
  • Spacing – Control the sizes, padding, and margin of the items on your website with spacing, which also contributes to creating a professional appearance across all devices.
  • Import/export – With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily import and export the settings for your theme, as well as migrate those settings to another theme. If you intend to build more than one website, this feature, in conjunction with Elements, will save you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Theme Builder-You have the ability to design anything you can imagine thanks to Dynamic Block Elements.
  • Element –This is a collection of 14 components that make up the premium style offered by GeneratePress. It makes it possible to activate and deactivate any component of the website, including the navigation, menu, footer, background, site collection, and so on.
  • Backgrounds – You have the ability to alter, edit, and delete the background of your site with this element.
  • woo commerce – The visual aspects of your woo-commerce website can be enabled by using this module. Your woo-commerce store can have more color options, font options, and layout options added to it-helpful for the marketing of both traditional and online products
  • Menu Options– You can actually Increase the user experience across all devices by developing a secondary navigation, as well as brandable off-canvas slide-out navigation and sticky navigation.
  • Typography-The pro version More than 70 different typography options, 100 different fonts, and even Google fonts are at your disposal in order to style and design an attractive blog.
  • Copyright –In the premium edition of generatepress, you have the ability to remove the copyright message that is displayed by default and substitute it with your own. This strengthens your brand identification and makes Google happy, as it gives you exclusive ownership to your brand.
  • Secondary navigation – You can add secondary navigation to your website with the same features like primary.
  • Colors –the pro version comes with over seventy and a half different hues, allowing you to choose the color that works best for your site which ultimately improves the appearance of your website
  • 24/7 Support: In addition to this, you will have access to professionals around the clock.
  • Sections – You can use sections to break out your pages or posts. It’s a tiny in-built page builder of generatepress.
  • Disable elements –You have the ability to disable certain element as well as various aspects  of the theme on individual pages across your website.

Instead of uploading a distinct theme, Premium is delivered as a plugin. This gives you the ability to disable or enable the modules you desire, which helps to keep things lightweight by getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

In a nutshell, website builders absolutely need to upgrade to the most recent version of GeneratePress in order to get the most out of the theme.

GeneratePress Pros & Cons


Fast loading theme

You can choose GeneratePress as one of the fastest themes for your website from among the options available to you. If you know what you’re doing when it comes to optimizing your website, GeneratePress can help you create a website that loads in a flash.


While the main version of GeneratePress is entirely free to use, the GeneratePress Premium Plugin, which includes more extensive customization options and features, costs only $59.00.

The fact that you may use it on an endless number of sites with only one license makes this theme fairly economical.

SEO optimized Premium WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is suitable for use with all of the most popular plugins for WordPress, including  Rank Math SEO, Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Social Snap, and many others.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Theme

The responsiveness of the theme can be used right out of the box. The theme will do a fantastic job of making sure that it remains responsive and appears effectively on any device as well as screen resolution, regardless of the customizations that you use. This will be the case regardless of whether you use a child theme or a parent theme.

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The Responsive Options expand on the previous capabilities. You do have some influence over the responsive layout and typeface options, though, thanks to them. You can define a distinct header padding size for desktop than mobile, for instance.

Compatible with Popular Page Builders

Page Builder is the most effective method for developing a website without the use of any coding if you are not a web professional. Page Builder is the most time-efficient method for designing your website without requiring you to write any code at all. GeneratePress is completely compatible with page builders such as, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Thrive Architect, and any other similar tools.

Wocommerce Integration

Because WooCommerce is already built into the GeneratePress architecture, you won’t need to purchase a separate theme to use it for your online store.


The documentation of the theme is the most essential component for novice users. They have a vast collection of articles, movies, and other forms of material in their library.

Documentation is essential for every project, and the documentation that comes with the GeneratePress Theme is superior to any other documentation that is currently on the market.

No additional costs or perhaps hidden fees

There are no additional costs of any kind when you sign up for an account. The price of GP Premium is $59, and it grants access to an unlimited number of sites for an indefinite period of time. There are no hidden fees or additional costs of any kind.

 Site Library

Premium customers of GeneratePress get access to more than 45 pre-built website designs that can be imported into their sites with a single click.

Extremely user-friendly for developers

GeneratePress is extremely user-friendly for developers because it provides a large number of hooks, filters, plus active support, making it the ideal theme for web developers. The support for GeneratePress is provided actively by the creator of the plugin. Because it contains a large number of hooks as well as filters, this theme is fantastic for web developers.

Content translator in 20 different languages.

Huge user base

The theme has currently been downloaded over 2.8 million times and has over 400,000 active installations. Additionally, it has received over 1,000 5-star ratings. It is obvious that Tom is succeeding in some endeavors.

Supportive developer

Your queries will be handled directly by the creators of GeneratePress within the shortest amount of time possible on the help forums of GeneratePress, which are kept up to date and active.  This forum is extremely busy and well-kept, and you may expect responses to your questions within a period of twelve hours.


limited control options

The one issue that I discovered with GeneratePress would be that the free version only gives you limited control over the appearance of your site.

Therefore, if you want more in-depth customization options and priority customer service, you will need to pay for the GP Premium plugin.

Up to this point, we have gone over the features and pricing of GeneratePress. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at how to install the GeneratePress theme on your blog or website.

Not A lot of 3rd Party Integrations

The theme does not really have a lot of integrations with third-party services.

Within the site library, there are a few other layouts that may use some work.


Popular WordPress Websites Using GeneratePress Theme

  1. Plugins: WPBakery Page Builder
  2. Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  3. Speed: 1.3 seconds to load 920KB
  4. Traffic Estimate: 145,000 monthly pageviews


The company specializes in corporate travel management. It’s a massive website with over 15,000 pages, and they exhibit their wares through a number of different landing page and layout styles. The quickness of BCDTravel is one of the aspects that I appreciate most about the platform. The homepage has been preserved to a size of less than 1 megabyte (MB) despite the presence of many modules, and it loads in little more than 1.3 seconds.

  1. Traffic Estimate: 160,000 monthly pageviews
  2. Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  3. Plugins: Elementor
  4. Speed: 3.9 seconds to load 1.3MB is an affiliate website specializing in cycling gear reviews. Successful is an understatement; since I last looked at it, TheGeekyCyclist has expanded, and it now has more than 160,000 monthly visitors, while having only a little more than 100 pages of material. Amazing.

  1. Plugins: WP Rocket
  2. Traffic Estimate: 1.7 million monthly pageviews
  3. Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  4. Speed: 1.8 seconds to load 487K, which was founded by programmer Leo Notenboom and is dedicated to answering technological questions, receives approximately 1.7 million monthly pageviews. After spending a significant portion of his professional life working with Microsoft, Leo launched AskLeo in 2003.

A content-first layout was accomplished on AskLeo with the help of GeneratePress Premium. There are not many pictures, and the color palette is straightforward: just blue and white. The site is monetized by Leo through display advertisements and affiliate links; however, the focus is on the content, which consists of providing answers to technical topics in plain English.

  1. Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  2. Speed: 3 seconds to load 1.6MB
  3. Plugins: TablePress
  4. Traffic Estimate: 700,000 monthly pageviews is a service that aggregates free cryptocurrency gifts called airdrops (airdrops are free cryptocurrency giveaways). AirDrops’ design is uncluttered and straightforward, and it was created using GeneratePress Premium. I really like the professional footer because it fits a menu, information about donations, a newsletter registration form, information about us, and social links all into a relatively tiny space.

Although AirDrops loads rather quickly, the performance score could be improved by employing some caching strategies. Despite the fact that the website has only been functioning since 2018, it has excellent search engine optimization and receives a significant amount of traffic from search engines.

Generatepress Premium theme Pricing

When you consider everything you get with your purchase of GeneratePress Premium, the price is shockingly low. Although the free edition is sufficient for the requirements of a large number of users, upgrading grants complete access to the site’s library and enables the multitude of premium features that have been described above.

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You can choose to pay $59 once a year to receive support and updates for one year, or you can pay a one-time charge of $249 to receive support and updates for the rest of your life. Both options include a refund guarantee for the first 30 days and allow for the creation of up to 500 websites.

It seems like a good deal to me.

Unlock the potential of GeneratePress Elements with this review.


As soon as you learn how to use Elements, not only will you save a lot of time, but you will also be able to completely manage and manipulate the user experience of your site, especially down to what type and number of visitors you have at any one time.

This is a goldmine for niche websites. Ads, propositions, special messages, and lead magnet placement are all available to the site owner or designer.

1. Display Rules

The real driver behind the power of the elements module is the display rules and the ability to hook content wherever you want it to be. This includes the creation of conditional elements, lessening the need to search for a plugin to do the job.

Integral to each of the element types, and extremely useful for niche websites, this allows you to place pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want it.

Whether across your entire site or limited to a single post type or page, you can define how, where and who sees your content.  Think ad placement, sign-up offers, lead magnet placement or targeted messages to potential subscribers, or a different message to those already logged in.

Let’s take a brief look at how it works.

Firstly you need to activate the ‘Element’ module in the WordPress backend. Once activated you get a drop-down menu with four element types: Header, Hook, Layout, and Block (as seen below.)

A. Header

The Header element allows you to create targeted page heros, merge hero elements with the header, or simply to display a different logo that only shows on your blog. It’s perfect for creating landing pages, or for defining and crafting your brand.

B. Layout

This will look familiar and is similar to the layout section in the customizer. But here you can go into a lot more detail, defining specific layouts that can be site-wide, or only apply to a single page or post type.

C. Hook

The Hook element gives you the option to place content anywhere on your site there is a hook, in the old code editor. There’s a list of hooks for GeneratePress and GP Premium, and a custom hook option if you can’t find what you need.

D. Block

The Block element is really where GP utilizes the power of Gutenburg, and if you’re not using the old code editor, it can replace the functionality of the previous three elements.

It can do everything you may need and more.


How to install Generatepress Free & Premium theme

Here are the exact steps that you need to take to install the generatepress theme on your website. First, you need to install generatepress free theme and then if you have purchased its paid version then you need to upload this plugin to unlock pro features.

Here’s How –

  • Step 1 – Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Step 2 –  Go to appearance>themes
  • Step 3 – Download and install generate Press Theme

That’s it….. If you have purchased generatepress premium then you need to follow the mentioned steps to unlock premium features.

  • Step 1 – First of all, Click here the link to purchase generatepress premium theme plugin, then you need to download the GP premium plugin zip file.
  • Step 2 – Now you have to add it to your website so Go to Plugins> Add-new
  • Step 3- Now upload that zip file that you have recently downloaded.
  • Step 4 – Once the upload is complete, Activate the plugin.
  • Step 5 – Now you need to unlock the extra features. So to do this, Go to appearance>generatepress then you can activate the individual features you need otherwise select all and activate them in bulk.
  • Step 6 – It’s time to add your license key to get automatic updates for free.  To find out your license key just log in to generatepress and locate downloads. Just copy your license key and move further.
  • Final step – Open your wp-admin dashboard and go to appearance>generatepress. In the updates section, paste your license key and hit the save button.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed it. 🙂 🙂

10 Reasons why Generatepress is my favorite WordPress theme.

  1. Fully responsive across all devices: built on the Flexbox Grid and fully inline with Google’s mobile-first feature
  2. Gets the best out of the native WordPress Customizer
  3. Works in tandem with GenerateBlocks plugin (free and Pro versions): speed and bloat features aside, for niche site builders, this has amazing potential, which we will come to later
  4. The upgrade gives full access to the Site Library
  5. Enough hooks and filters to make every developer happy
  6. Compatible with popular plugins
  7. Schema built-in, looks good in the SERPs
  8. Works seamlessly with page-builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder
  9. Documentation accessible from inside the editor: this is more useful than it sounds
  10. Lightweight and fast

Best GeneratePress Tutorial On Docs.Generatepress.Com

If you find any difficulty in customization of GeneratePress Premium theme then are lots of helpful tutorials present on

Above are the main Official tutorials by GeneratePress so that, you can easily customize your WordPress theme.

If you still find any difficulty in customization you can contact the support team for that.

They are very supportive.