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Easy Blogging Tips for Affiliate Marketers

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By Kermit Vaughn

Blogs are really just online diaries. But, if you are an affiliate marketer it can be your bread and butter. A lot of people use blogs for fun and will write just about anything that comes to mind.

It is amazing that most bloggers don’t think about their blog as making money for them.

Blogs combined with affiliate marketing are real money-making machines.

With these blogging tips I will show you how you can increase your income from your affiliate marketing efforts. Lets get started.

Blogs have a very different look and feel than that of a website on the same subject matter. You can update both everyday but, a website isn’t really designed to let you give it a personal touch as you can with your blog.

One of the best blogging tips for the affiliate marketer is to stay on topic. Focus is the key.

If you are promoting Golf then you should always be blogging about Golf and not Tennis.

One thing that you don’t want to do is make your post a sales pitch for your affiliate products unless it is a review type of post.

The truth is that most people like to buy but hate being sold. They are more likely to return to your blog several times if they feel they are getting quality information that they can use or solves their problem.

Try and make your posts fun and exciting and don’t hammer them with another sales pitch.

If you are at a point when you are stuck for content for your blog you can always join some forums that are related to your niche. By doing this you can pick up on some new ideas and some of the problems that people are facing in your niche.

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You can show your expertise by posting in these forums. Then make sure you have a link to your blog so that others can check out what you have. This little tip can turn into some big traffic.

The most important blogging tip that I can pass on to you is to post regularly.

At least twice a week should be enough.

You don’t have to post every day but try and keep a regular schedule so that you build a regular audience who realize that your blog is worth coming back to time and time again.

Posting on a regular basis also will help you strengthen your position with the search engines.

Every time you post you should ping your blog with services such as Pingomatic or Pingoat. If you are using a WordPress blog it does it automatically

. In time your blog will get a higher page rank and that means more traffic.

What your goals should be is to get more and more people to find your blog and hopefully tell their friends so you can build more traffic and generate more sales. Maybe some of those people will link to your blog from theirs.

The more readers and traffic you can drive to your blog the more sales you can generate. You should try article marketing to drive targeted traffic to your blog. It works very well.

You decide what you are going to write about in your blog but, remember it is important to use keywords.

You should use your keywords in your title and throughout your post. This will help get your blog higher in the search engines.

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The first page is what you are shooting for. Remember to have fun and the rest will take care of itself.