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How to Add a Reading Progress Bar to Your WordPress Posts

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When reading an article online, have you ever thought about how far you have progressed? A lot of sites use a progress bar to remind you how far you’ve read.

Luckily, a simple plugin may be used to add a reading progress indicator to WordPress.

A reading progress meter for WordPress is a useful feature that will help your site stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great resource to make available to your website’s visitors. Your viewers will be able to see how far they have progressed in an article and how far they have left to go by checking the progress bar.

The progress bar on your WordPress blog can be styled in a variety of ways. We’ll utilize a simple plugin called “Reading Progressbar” instead of writing any custom code.

This will showcase a progress bar in a variety of ways. Your readers will like using it to keep track of how much they’ve read.

Nevertheless, I have found a free plugin that has a wide range of features and is completely functional. Let’s take a closer look at it. If you’re still on the fence, have a look at the alternatives listed below.

A reading progress indicator can be easily added to your WordPress website.

It’s a simple matter of installing the WP Reading Progress plugin if you’re already using WordPress.

To begin, go to Appearance > Plugins on your WordPress dashboard.

The progress bar can be customized by going to Settings > WP Reading Progress after it has been installed.

The parameters can be configured in any way you wish. The progress bar’s height and color can all be customized, as well as whether it stays at the top or bottom of the page.

Adjust the color to match your theme’s colors. Save your changes by clicking the Save Settings button.

There you have it: The new reading progress meter can be found in your posts.

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