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How to Start a Blog on Blogger

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Looking for guidelines on how to start your own blog on Blogger (BlogSpot)? or

Are you thinking about starting your own blog on blogger, which is completely free? You will follow these instructions step by step.

Blogging has evolved into a viable career option, one that you may pursue and use to support yourself adequately.

It is one of the effective passive incomes online that you can enjoy earning, so take advantage of it.

Although it is possible to profit from it, doing so is not without its challenges.

Creating material for your blog and getting it set up is one of those things.

Writing for a particular readership is a requirement of blogging. The process of setting up a blog, regardless of whether it will be used for business or just for enjoyment, is exactly the same.

But I think what I’ve pointed out in this blog article is where most people have the most trouble understanding it.

You can put your faith in the fact that I am telling you that you will be able to establish your blog within the next 15 minutes.

I’m going to provide you with some actionable actions that you may follow in order to start a blog on Blogger.


Pyra Labs released the first version of Blogger in 1999; Google purchased the company in 2003. By 2006, all accounts were hosted on Google’s servers, which significantly increased the platform’s degree of dependability.

Blogger or BlogSpot?

Before we proceed any further, let’s make sure there is no misunderstanding about the difference between the terms “Blogger” and “BlogSpot.”

Blogger is a free publishing platform, and BlogSpot is a free domain service provider. Both are owned and operated by Google.

They are both used in conjunction with one another on the Blogger platform, which is owned by Google.

  • If you want to try it, enter this URL:
  • And the URL that you will arrive at is

If you choose to host your site on Blogger, you will instantly be assigned a domain through BlogSpot. However, you are not required to utilize the BlogSpot domain; rather, you have the option of adding your own custom domain:

To provide a brief summary, Google hosts your blog on their Blogger system using the default domain name of BlogSpot.

Creating your own blog on Blogger

Creating your own blog on Blogger is a simple process. In the event that you do not currently have a Google account, you will be required to create one.

Choose a nickname for your online blog here.
Choose an Address (URL) for Your Blog — Blogger will check to see if the address you choose for your blog is available.
Choose a Theme — While you are creating your blog, you will see a small selection of themes, also known as templates. However, you will have the opportunity to explore more themes and modify your blog at a later time.

Here’s how I put my blog together:


When you’ve finished setting up your blog, you’ll notice that Google gives you the option to purchase a custom domain from google. It is not necessary to complete this step, and you have the flexibility to alter it at a later time:

The following is a selection of the domains that it identified as being associated with Azahar Media:

Configuring your blog

After completing the additional step of purchasing a domain, the dashboard for your blog will appear.

Although it is now devoid of content, you will eventually use this space to maintain your blog.

You have the option, over on the left, to:

  • You are able to create articles, pages, and comments, and view your statistics here.
  • Modify both the layout and also the theme.
  • Manage your revenues as well as your campaigns and settings.

You may view your blog by clicking the link that is located above the menu:

The Process of Writing a Blog Post on blogger.

Blogger comes equipped with a straightforward WYSIWYG editor that also provides the choice to publish in HTML format. You have the option of embedding videos from YouTube in your article in addition to adding photographs and videos. You have the option of composing your article in Google Docs, after which you can simply copy/paste it into the editor in the following format:

Adding a personal touch to your blog.

Using a variety of different themes and layouts, you are able to alter the appearance of your blog.

Beginning with a theme as your foundation, you may modify everything from the backdrop and layout to the colors and fonts. You have the option of either using the Blogger Theme Designer or manually editing the HTML code:

You can upload free or paid themes from third-party sellers in addition to using the many themes that Blogger already provides.

Gadgets, which are comparable to widgets in WordPress, are used to assist with the creation of the layout of your pages on Blogger. You could use Gadgets to do anything like display the archive of your blog, show a list of blog labels on every page, or post your profile on each and every page. These are just some of the things you can do.

After you have inserted a gadget, you may move it around on your website layout using the drag-and-drop function:

Pros about Blogger

  • It is not difficult to get started.
  • Simple in both operation and management.
  • Because it is hosted by Google, there should be no installation problems.
  • You won’t need to stress about keeping your software up to date.
  • Options to generate revenue using Google’s AdSense and to promote content using AdWords.

cons about Blogger

  • Google+ is the only social network that will be prioritized for sharing rather than other social networks.
  • At any point in time, Google may choose to deactivate your blog or even cease offering the Blogger service entirely.

On the Blogger platform, design is a significant challenge for users.

Blogs hosted on Blogspot use a subpar custom template that isn’t quite as attractive as the themes available for WordPress blogs.

Because it has such a polished appearance, starting a blog using WordPress is one of the things that experienced bloggers strongly recommend doing.

If you are interested in beginning a blog that is related to your business or your profession, WordPress is a platform that you should consider using.

You can achieve a certain amount of minimalism with a blog hosted on Blogger, but it is never the best choice from a business point of view.

Lesser Functions

Blogger blogs have some limited functionality, such as the inability to add an e-commerce plugin or a membership plugin, both of which are accessible as plugins for the WordPress platform. Blogger blogs also have fewer options overall.

Conclusion: How to Start a Blog on Blogger.

You won’t have to pay anything to make use of the Blogger platform. If you wish to add a top-level domain to your blog using Blogger, the answer is yes; you can add the “” domain.

Don’t worry too much about making money with your blog; instead, focus on producing high-quality content for it. When your blog’s material reaches a certain level of excellence, you will be able to make additional money with it without any restrictions.

I really hope you enjoyed this article, and if you’re looking for further strategies to expand your blog’s readership, be sure to check out the blogging tools page.


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