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How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

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if you want to create quality blog posts that people will actually read and engage with then you’ve come to the right place.

today I’m going to be talking about my top 8 tips for creating blog posts that people will love.

So without further ado let’s jump straight into the list.

1. Pick a title that people are actually searching for

I always keep harking back to this point. If the title of your blog post doesn’t get any searches then you’re not going to get any traffic and no one’s going to be able to read or engage with your posts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) titles are based on the keywords that users are typing into search engines like Google. This isn’t a cakewalk.

Your title should always be broad enough to describe what you’re selling, yet centered on the most important keyword at the same time.

They’re not catchy, but they do the job of boosting your website’s ranking for relevant search terms. Here are a few more pointers to remember:

2. Plan the post in advance.

That means putting a skeleton together. picking all the headlines that are going to be in your article and then kind of filling in the blanks as opposed to writing freestyle off the top of your head.

You’ll be able to write much better posts and the quality will be a lot better too.

It’ll be nicely spaced out with the headers as well so visually pleasing and if we use like the people also ask section for our other headings that we’re going to include then, we’re going to start ranking for more keywords because we’re addressing more points that people are searching for.

As I say filling in the blanks is easier than starting from scratch or freestyle rating point.

3. Hook them in with the intro.

So you should say something like “I used to hook and slice all my golf shots until I started tracking my yardages and then you can follow on with that with your personal experience about it.”

then we want to give an overview of the entire topic to try and win the snippet on google then we want to go in cover the core topic in detail and then anticipate what the user is going to want to learn after we have addressed the initial topic.

So if we talk about tracking heritages and golf then we want to see well what else would they want to know. Now know that they know about the benefits of tracking their yardages.

Do they want to know the best devices for tracking their outages? Are there different types of devices for tracking the heritages and do we want to cover those in detail as well?

You can also have an FAQs section and use the people also our section of google to get your content for those FAQs and just answer them nicely providing tons of valuable and relevant content to the reader.

#4 Use FOMO to make them read to the end.

So that’s fear of missing out and you could say something like “read to the end of this post to find out our secret sauce for hitting straight call shots every time”, and if we can get the user to scroll past the first 10 seconds of the opening paragraphs and still be interested, there’s a good chance they’re going to scroll all the way down to the end. Because they’ll already know that it’s quality content.

So the start is really crucial for creating quality and engaging content. The content itself has to be scannable. so we don’t want text-heavy blocks of code that are like you know 10 sentences long before there’s any space.  two sentences match per paragraph.

When we want to use tables lists, comparisons, nice headlines, images, infographics, and even videos we want to bold important words so the readers are drawn to them.

We want to use these block quotes that are going to stand out for the reader with the key points.

So we want our posts to be visually pleasing and the goal is for the reader to be able to scan the content and pick up the key points of information as quickly as possible.

#5. Long-form content wins.

so this is more about actually getting the eyeballs on your posts in the first place as well and it’s no secret that Google is ranking longer content better.

So if you can answer the court topic fully, anticipate what the user would like to know next and answer that thoroughly and your answer is longer and better than all the competition.

You’re going to rank number one. quality + quantity content leads to maximum rankings and maximum traffic.

Our content must be of the utmost quality if we are to outrank our competitors. For a given keyword, it needs to provide greater value than any of the other search results, which typically necessitates making it longer in the results.

Google can presume that longer content addresses a user’s question more thoroughly and, therefore, must be superior.

You may also see a boost in traffic from long-form content because it encourages visitors to spend more time on the page.

Using data from Semrush’s The State of Content Marketing 2020, long-form reads of more than 3000 words receive 24% more shares, 21% more traffic,  and 75% more backlinks than shorter pieces (901-1200 words).

Tip: It is important to remember that your material should be as long as necessary to convey your message most effectively.

#6 Don’t forget the alternatives.

So if you’re writing a blog post where people have a choice between doing one option and another option then, don’t just talk about the first option for the whole post.

Introduce the alternatives and compare and contrast them against each other using tables and text. One of the key things that I see people messing up with blogging is that you have to be honest about your alternatives.

So just because your blog post is about one of the alternatives, you don’t have to always recommend that. if there’s a better product or a better choice than the user could take in your opinion then recommend the best one.

It’s going to build credibility and the user is going to respect your opinion because you’re telling the truth as opposed to just telling them oh yeah it’s great to go and buy it today.

So again comparing alternatives works great for products but anywhere there’s a choice to be made, you can use this, and discussing alternatives is definitely going to increase your engagement.

Take a rest and then review the blog post once it’s written. so if you’re anything like me you’re probably rushing to get your blog post finished and then you put it live with loads of mistakes and misspellings.

I’m personally terrible for misspellings and what I need to do is to take a break once the post is written, go to the gym go for a walk have some food, and then come back and just read through it all fully again.

Make sure there are no mistakes and put it live once it’s looking lovely and it’s error-free or you could even pay someone to proofread. It will probably cost you about five to ten dollars per post and I use Upwork for all my outsourcing.  so you check that out as well if you want to.

 #7 blogging and YouTube are a powerful combination

So if you could create a video on YouTube and you don’t even have to put your face in it and if you can include that in your blog post and a reader actually watches it, your engagement goes through the roof.

Google is going to see that and give you higher rankings and youtube is going to see that your video is getting views as well and it’s going to rank it better.

YouTube is going to help build your blog and your blog is going to help build your YouTube. again a very powerful combination

 #8. Sharing your content weight a lot 

Of course, we want to get as many eyeballs on the pulse as we possibly can. so create a Pinterest image.

Share it on Pinterest. works great for like image-heavy niches and it’s a female-dominated platform.

Email it to your list and if you don’t have an email list you should start creating one right away because it gives you complete control over your audience.

Emailing your subscribers is among the finest ways to get your latest blog content in front of their eyes as soon as it is published. However, don’t stop there. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved if you can get your message out to a bigger audience.

Moreover, subscribers are more inclined to share your material with their friends and followers.

Share it on Facebook groups. Share it on Instagram and not only will this get new eyeballs on your posts but it will also help build your battling profile.

When you participate in online communities, you have an opportunity to contribute, make connections, and build your authority. Like Reddit, if you only post links, it won’t work. You need to get involved in the conversation in order to add value.

Seek out organizations that are well-established, active, and well-moderated. Utilize the platforms that are best suited to your industry:

Google is going to see you’re getting more and more backlinks and it’s going to help you to rank higher over time.

#9. it’s okay to make money from your posts.

Affiliate marketing is advertising other people’s products and if a reader of your blog clicks a link and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale.

Amazon is the leading program in affiliate marketing but there are plenty of others and if it’s a product that can actually help your reader to solve their problem then don’t be afraid to link to it.

you’re going to make a commission and you’re going to help the reader. so your blog might be built on a passion for the topic that you’re talking about.

There’s nothing wrong with making a living as well so don’t be afraid to use affiliates especially again the key point of the whole blogging process is to be as honest as possible.

it’s really going to build your credibility when you say “no you shouldn’t buy this you should buy this instead,” or “I found that doing this wasn’t the best way and I did this instead.”

Don’t always just recommend what you’re talking about. there’s a better alternative. definitely recommend it and if there’s one key point that I’ll be sharing with you today, it’s probably that always be honest in your recommendations.

so that’s our article today on how to create killer and engaging content. it has to look great it has to be scannable. be honest and you know keep creating quality and quantity from max rankings and max traffic max reading max engagement and don’t forget to share with your friends.


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