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Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins in 2024

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By Kermit Vaughn

Do you want to secure your WordPress website from hacker attacks?

Securing your WordPress website or blog from hacker attacks is crucial, and fortunately, WordPress offers a range of top security plugins designed for this purpose.

These security plugins provide essential protection against various online threats, ensuring that your website remains safe and secure.

It’s highly advisable to take advantage of these tools to safeguard your online presence effectively

WordPress Websites or Blogs are soft targets for hackers. 73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are vulnerable.

Vulnerabilities can be detected by automated tools.

81% of attacks on WordPress are due to insecure passwords.

The companies have increased their 50% budget for security in 2017.

So you should use the top WordPress security plugins for your website from hacking.

11 Top WordPress Security Plugins for Protecting Your Website from Hackers

11 Top WordPress Security Plugins in 2024

Here are the 11 Best WordPress Security Plugins which will secure your website from hacker’s soft target.

1. WebARX Website Security Platform:

WebARX is a security platform for WordPress and PHP sites. It helps website owners, developers, and agencies to secure and manage websites. WebARX is more than just a WordPress plugin because it’s considered as an all-in-one security platform that will eliminate the need for multiple plugins for security.

Source: WebARX

WebARX has a managed web application firewall that protects the sites from plugin vulnerabilities, bot attacks, and fake traffic.

You can easily create your own firewall rules, harden WordPress installation, create backups, and monitor uptime, and security issues.

You can also receive alerts, export security reports, and generate backups.

WebARX is a good choice if you manage a lot of high-level websites to ensure top-notch security.

Popular WebARX highlights:

  1. Easy to install to a WordPress site directly from a WebARX panel.
  2. Advanced website firewall (Completely customizable from WebARX portal).
  3. Virtual patching (Automatically receive rules to patch plugin and theme vulnerabilities).
  4. WordPress hardening (2FA, Recaptcha, automatically add security headers, block brute-force attacks, change wp-admin, add cookie notice bar, and much more).
  5. Security monitoring (Blacklist, SSL, domain expiration, site error, and security headers).
  6. Uptime monitoring (Receive Slack and email alerts when a site goes down).
  7. Export security reports (Customize PDF reports with your own logo to send out to customers).
  8. Manage security centrally for a large number of websites (save time and don’t miss any critical information)

WebARX has been rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot and has more than 10,000 active installs.

You will get a 14-day free trial for your WordPress website. You can use this directly from the WebARX website.

2. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan:

Wordfence is the best WordPress Security Scan Plugin for your website. This plugin will help you to save your website from attacks and block the attempts of attacks. It uses a malware scan for security.

This plugin has above 2 million active installations and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Wordfence Security

So here are the main features of this plugin.

  • This plugin includes Firewall and malware scans to protect your website.
  • A firewall is a web application based and blocks malicious traffic.
  • Protect your WordPress website from a brute attack.
  • Integrated Malware Scanner blocks the malicious code or content.
  • This plugin protects your website from the endpoint and has deep integration with WordPress.
  • Real-Time firewall rule and Malware Signature updates.
  • Malicious IPs are blocked by Real-time IP Blacklist.
  • You can use it free for an unlimited website.
  • Malware scanner checks the core theme files and plugins for bad URLs and spam.
  • Check Content Safety.
  • Alert you for the security issues and check the security vulnerabilities.
  • Repair the files for security purposes.
  • Block the attacker’s IP and stop the brute force attacks.
  • Live traffic monitoring and hacking attempts.
  • Wordfence is a highly-rated plugin.
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So this is the best WordPress security plugin for your website. We recommend you use this plugin for your WordPress website or blog. This plugin will provide some features in the premium version.

Price: Free and Paid

3. All-in-One WP Security & Firewall:

All in One WP Security & Firewall is easy to use and stable plugin for your WordPress website or blog. This plugin provides good support.

This plugin has above 7 lakh active installations and is compatible with the latest version.

This plugin will have many features.

  • This plugin reduces security risk by checking the vulnerabilities.
  • It is completely free for your WordPress website or blog.
  • This plugin provides security to user accounts.
  • It also provides user login security.
  • Prevents the brute force login attack.
  • User registration and database security.
  • File System security for your WordPress website.
  • This plugin will back up and restore your .htaccess and wp-config.php files.
  • Blacklist the IP address and user agents.
  • Firewall protection to your WordPress website through htaccess file.
  • Security scanner for your Files and database of WordPress website.
  • Prevent the spam comments. This plugin eliminates comment spam and prevents other websites from stealing your content with features like iFrame prevention and copywriting protection.
  • Regular updates are available. New security features are added to the new update.
  • Highly rated plugin.
  • You can disable the right-click and text selection of your WordPress website content. Well, support from this plugin.

So you should use this WordPress Security plugin for your WordPress website or blog because it is free and has additional features of security. We recommend you use this plugin to get maximum security for your WordPress website or blog.

Price: Free

4. Sucuri Security: Auditing Malware Scanner & Security hardening:

Sucuri Security plugin is used for security integrity and monitoring, malware detection, and security hardening. This plugin has more than 800,000+ active installations.

Sucuri is a globally recognized plugin in the case of WordPress website security.

Sucuri Security

So you should know about the main features of this plugin.

  • Blacklist Monitoring ( It will blacklist the IP Address.)
  • Security Activity Auditing is available.
  • This plugin will send you the security notifications.
  • It remotes the Malware scanning.
  • Protects the Website form Firewall. (Premium Feature)
  • File Integrity Monitoring and Effective Security Hardening.
  • Post-hack security actions.

So you can use this WordPress Security Plugin for your website or blog. This plugin is also highly rated and compatible with the latest version.

Price: Free and Paid

5. Solid Security ( Formerly known as ithemes security):

iThemes Security provides 30 ways to secure your WordPress website. This plugin will help you to stop automated attacks. It has more than 900,000+  active installations.

The previous name of this plugin is Better WP Security.

iThemes Security

So here are the main features of this plugin.

  • Stop automated attacks and power up the user credentials.
  • Lockdown WordPress and fix common holes.
  • Support other plugins.
  • Sync integration for WordPress website.
  • Protect from brute force attacks.
  • Scan your website form vulnerabilities.
  • Strength server security.
  • It has detected and blocks the attacks on File and database systems.
  • In Premium features, you will get two-factor authorization, Malware scan security, Password security and expiration, Google reCaptcha, Import and Export settings, Dashboard widgets and other features.

You can use this plugin for securing your WordPress website. This plugin will help you to secure your website from attacks and enhance your website security.

Price: Free and Paid

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7. Hide My WP:

Hide My WP is a premium WordPress security plugin. This plugin is developed by wpWave company.

This plugin will help you to hide your WordPress website or blog from spammers and attackers. It does all the security operations without changing your folder locations.

Your website HTML code is accessed easily and the Hide My WP plugin will hide all the sensitive information from the hacker’s eyes to save your website.

WordPress website log in is accessible easily by hackers because it has the same admin login URL for all. So Hide My WP plugin will hide the wp-login.php file and change your Admin Login URL to save your website from untrusted users.

The main features of this plugin are:

  • Hide WP-Admin URL and wp-login.php file from untrusted users.
  • You can change the WordPress Theme and Plugin directory.
  • Change the WordPress Query URL and Author Permalink URL.
  • You can change the Upload URL and Ajax URL, wp-includes folder.
  • Change or Disable the Feeds.
  • Disable Post, Category, Tag, archives, etc.
  • Protect from XSS, Command and SQL Injection.
  • You can block IP addresses and countries by yourself.
  • CDN Path and Anti Spam feature for saving your websites from spammers.
  • Customize the .htaccess file.
  • HTML Code minification.
  • Change 404 pages to custom pages.
  • Hide PHP File direct access.
  • Block the attacks in real-time.
  • Scan the vulnerabilities.

So mainly this plugin is designed to secure your WordPress website or blog by hiding your sensitive data and login.

You can easily do all your WordPress work without any disturbance and with more security through this plugin.

If you want to secure your login, files, and folders then you should use this best WordPress security plugin.

Price: Paid

8. WP Hide & Security Enhancer:

WP Hide & Security Enhancer will help you to secure your website using their appropriate techniques. It will help you to increase your website security.

This plugin has more than 50k active installations.

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • You can completely hide all your files.
  • It does not change the file and its directory.
  • This plugin will help you to hide the plugins and core files form the eyes of attackers & spammers.
  • You can change your default admin for more protection.
  • It helps you to block default admin URL, directory folder access.
  • Block default wp-signup.php and wp-login.php for spammers.
  • Block XMLRPC API.
  • Adjust the new themes and child theme URL.
  • You can change any theme style file name.
  • Block default wp-includes and wp-content paths.
  • Remove pingbacks.
  • Disable Emoji and JavaScript Code.
  • Remove WordPress Version
  • Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Rewrite any File again.
  • The translation is available.
  • Highly rated plugin.
  • Totally Free

So all these functions are provided to you for securing your WordPress website completely from spammers and attackers.

You can use this plugin to hide all your details from others. This is the free WordPress security plugin available for you to save your data by hiding.

Price: Free

9. WP Security Audit Log:

WP Security Audit Log is an easy-to-use plugin that will help to log all changes on the WordPress Site and Multisite.

This is a popular audit log plugin and it has more than 200,000 installations.

There are many features available in this plugin.

  • It keeps the record of Post, Page, and Custom Post type changes.
  • Keeps the record of tags and categories changes.
  • User changes like registration, deletion.
  • Keep the record of user profile changes like username and password etc.
  • It keeps the records of user activity like login, failed login, etc.
  • WordPress Plugins and themes change.
  • It keeps the record of WordPress website Database Changes.
  • WordPress Core and Setting Changes & Multisite network changes.
  • WordPress website file changes.
  • It keeps the record of date & time changes, IP address changes, User roles changes.
  • Get a Good amount of support.
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If you want to get more functionalities then you should use a premium version of this plugin.

In the Premium version, you will get logged user information, and activities, generate CSV and HTML reports, block a user by one click, real-time activities, and much more.

This plugin is created for tracking the activities of any user. You can track real-time user activities.

If you want to track the activities from the aspect of security then you can use this activity log WordPress security plugin.

Price: Free and Paid

10. BulletProof Security:

BulletProof Security will secure your WordPress website using malware scan, DB Backup, Antispam and much more. This plugin has more than 70k active installations.

This plugin has many features available.

  • Easy setup.
  • The firewall protects the .htaccess file.
  • Auto fix, whitelist the user activity.
  • Hide the plugin folders.
  • It secures and monitors the login.
  • BulletProof uses MScan Malware Scanner for scanning the website for security purposes.
  • It supports the DB Backup.
  • HTTP and Security Logging.
  • It has DB Table Prefix Changer.
  • Both the Front end and Back end maintenance mode.
  • Author Cookie Expiration and Ideal Session Logout.
  • Highly rated plugin.

If you want more features then you have to use premium features. In premium features, you will get Intrusion Detection & Prevention System, Real-time file monitoring, Database Status & Info, more locking system, various tools and much more for more security.

BulletProof uses monitoring, scanning, detection and locking systems for your website to give more protection. So this is helpful for getting more security to your website.

Price: Free and Paid

11. SecuPress Free – WordPress Security:

SecuPress Free will analyze and ensure the safety of your website on a daily basis. This plugin has more than 20k active installations.

There are various features available in this plugin.

  • It blocks the IP Address.
  • Use firewalls to secure your website from attacks.
  • Block countries from their location.
  • Send security alerts.
  • Malware Scanning.
  • Security Key protection.
  • Block bad bots from visiting your website.
  • It gives information about vulnerable plugins and themes.
  • Protect your sensitive data by blocking bad requests.
  • Backup of Your Database File.
  • Use Antispam and log features for banning the bad bots and IP addresses.
  • Secure your Login information.
  • Security Audit of your website.

So it is a free WordPress Security plugin that will help you to secure your website using audits, security alerts, block bad bots and IP addresses, and much more.

You can use this plugin to secure your WordPress website or blog.

Price: Free

Security is much needed for your WordPress website. you can use any of these plugins in the list of top WordPress security plugins to protect your WordPress website or blog.

11 Top WordPress Security Plugins for Protecting Your Website from Hacker


With the help of the plugin, you can protect your WordPress website or blog. If you have not installed and activated any security plugin then you should use the security plugin for saving your website from spam, hackers, and bots.

We recommend you use Wordfence and All in One WP Security & Firewall plugins for your WordPress website or blog.

If you want to hide your files, folders, and Login URL then you should use Hide My WP Plugin for high security.

You will get a 14-day free trial from the WebARX security platform. It is one of the best WordPress security platforms. Use WebARX if you want to get high security for your WordPress website or blog.

If you want a security audit for free then you can use the WP Security Audit Log plugin for a complete website security audit.

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